A plant love story

When was the last time you were blown away by cauliflower? Or really craved red pepper? At Now Planting, we’re on a mission to unearth spectacular flavors and introduce you to new tastes that celebrate the natural goodness of plants. Because we believe there’s beauty in real food and happiness to be found in a perfectly prepared meal.

Our grounding principles.

We put flavor first. icon
We put flavor first.
We don’t espouse a billion health benefits or slap vegan, gluten-free labels on the front of our packages. We focus on making our food delicious with creative pairings, contrasting textures and refined cooking techniques.
We’re plant people. icon
We’re plant people.
Horticulturalists. Botanists. Farmers. Call us what you will. From roots to soil, beans to carrots, it’s all we know. Everything we do highlights the extraordinary taste, texture, and goodness of what’s grown in the earth. The plant is the hero — we do little to it.
We’re out to inspire. icon
We’re out to inspire.
Food is an adventure — a daily joy worth celebrating and rediscovering again and again. We want people to fall in love with plant-based ingredients, to expect more from their meals, and to be inspired to wildly invent in their own ways and in their own kitchens.
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