Plant-Based Diet Benefits

and other frequently asked questions

How are your soups made?

We work with wonderful chefs who are as inspired as we are to pick the best ingredients, combine them in just the right ways, and create flavors that surprise and delight. Our soups are cooked and immediately chilled to lock in all the freshness and taste right from the garden.

How did you come up with the name?

There’s something truly peaceful about growing vegetables. All in a row, one after another, a seemingly endless field of greens. We like to think the name sprouted from Mother Nature herself. To us, it suggests what’s in season now, what’s for dinner tonight, and what we might be planning for tomorrow. It keeps us dreaming and cooking up new flavors to enjoy.

Tell me about the packaging?

We want to showcase our wonderful vegetables and plants, but also the beauty behind the scenes. On the outside, you see our vibrant community of people growing, watering, picking, eating, and planting our ingredients. This is where we love to explore, stop and take note of the details. Our packaging brings that same experience to life for our customers — a moment of pause to notice the details, to savor the taste.

Do you have toppings?

Of course! We wanted to create that same pairing but with a Now Planting twist. All of our toppings are plant-based (think paprika-spiced almonds and ancho sunflower seeds) and paired perfectly with our soups for a little extra crunch and nutrition.

Where can I buy your products?

We are expanding across the US and Canada so our list of retailers is updated regularly. To find us, please go to and use our store locator.

Does my soup need to be refrigerated?

Yes, you find it in the refrigerated section of the produce aisle for a reason. It’s fresh and needs to be refrigerated. So please take your soup home (or to your office) and refrigerate it until you are ready to eat it.

Once I open my soup, how long does it last?

Once opened, please consume within 7 days. With soups that taste this good, we don’t think finishing it will be a problem.

Can my soup be stored in the freezer?

While we recommend eating Now Planting soups in one sitting for maximum flavor and freshness, you can store it in the freezer. The texture might change slightly, but once heated, it will be good as new.

Are these soups vegan friendly?

All of our soups are vegan, but we did not set out to make just vegan-friendly soup. We set out to make soups that let vegetables and plants speak for themselves and the result is naturally delicious.

Do you add sugar to any of the soups?

Nope. The amazing thing about Mother Nature is that real food is already designed to taste incredible. Our chefs know how to combine ingredients in unique ways so our soup is bursting with flavor — no additives, no shortcuts.

Are the soups gluten free?

Yup, our soups are naturally gluten free - made from pure plants alone.

Are the soups dairy free?

Yup! Our purees of almonds and cauliflower or pumpkin seed and sweet corn provide all the richness and smoothness of dairy without any of the dairy or animal fat other vegetable soups have.

Does the soup contain GMO ingredients?

We believe that when you pick vegetables and plants as Mother Nature intended, you get all the goodness you’re hoping for. We are careful to never source anything GMO modified. Why would we? Mother Nature did it right from the beginning.

Is there protein in any of the soups?

Did you know that plants have their own plant-proteins? They do! That’s the only kind in our soups. No dairy or animal ingredients of any kind. From 5 to 7 grams of protein a serving, you’ll get all the nutrition you need and be happily filled up (but not overfull).

Are there any allergens?

Two of our soups contain almonds which is an allergen for some people. One has mustard and one has coconut in it.

Is the package microwaveable?

Yes, our bowls are microwavable. We wanted to make our soups easy to enjoy — at home or on the go. Just open the lid, remove the airtight laminate over the soup and stick in the microwave (or pour into a pot to heat on the stove). After heating, unseal the toppings in the lid and pour them over your soup for a delicious meal.

What else do you make?

We’re always cooking up new flavors and have our sights set on new plant-based refrigerated dishes. Stay tuned for more natural goodness.

Where can I find cooking instructions?

Cooking instructions are displayed on the soup container. It’s simple, just remove the lid and film. Heat for 1-3 minutes in the microwave or on the stovetop. Sprinkle on toppings and savor away!

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