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Our full roster of refrigerated soups are low in calories, fats, sugars and have under 500 mg of sodium per cup. Find plant-based toppings, from paprika-spiced almonds to ancho sunflower seeds to spiced pepitas, uniquely paired to complement the flavors and texture of every soup.

Red pepper bisque

This delicately smooth bisque is light, slightly sweet and only 130 calories per cup. Be prepared for fresh-off-the-stove aromas that will have your tummy rumbling and your mind drifting to slower days and simpler times.

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Cajun tomato rice soup

Earthy and harmonious, with a bit of heat. Find all your favorites spices (we’re looking at you, Cayenne) and the rarely celebrated but always appreciated pinto beans and brown rice.

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Sopa verde

An unexpected soup that pairs pureed pumpkin seeds, sweet corn and english peas for a delightfully smooth surprise. Savor by itself or alongside any Spanish-style meal.

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Lemongrass curry soup

Creamy and complex, aromatic and dynamic — this is not your average curry. Taste the delicate variety of ingredients from lentils and mushrooms to green beans and ginger.

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Hominy bean soup

Bright, robust and anything but mellow. This cozy soup covers all the bases — corn, zucchini, beans, peppers, oh my. The result is a full-bodied meal that gives you comfort without any of the guilt.

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