Plant-Based Soups

Plant-Based Soups

Our full roster of refrigerated soups are naturally low in calories, fats, sugars and have under 500 mg of sodium per cup. Find plant-based toppings, from paprika-spiced almonds to chili-lime covered pepitas, in every lid for that extra bit of taste and crunch to complement the soup flavor.

Cauliflower Red Pepper Bisque

A sweet and creamy soup with roasted bell pepper in a velvety cauliflower puree. Nutty almonds and a splash of sherry vinegar add just the right balance to the delicate flavors.

Sopa Verde Soup

Made from a delicate puree of sweet corn, English peas, cauliflower and pumpkin seeds. This unique blend of garden vegetables provides a bright and herbaceous base with creamy nutty notes.

Cajun Tomato Rice Soup

A Cajun-inspired recipe with the beloved combination of red bell pepper, onion and celery. Elevated with a delicious blend of cumin, oregano, and cayenne, this earthy soup is perfected with hearty beans and rice.

Hominy Bean Soup

A hearty, Mexican-style soup with the smoky notes of roasted zucchini, the sweetness of yellow corn and the satisfying chew of white hominy, pinto and black beans.

Lemongrass Curry Soup

Southeast Asian curry spices, bright lime, cilantro and lemongrass are tied together with creamy coconut, red lentils and mushrooms.